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Andrew Neuman
Why I Left The Surf...[For Concrete]
L atest release by electronic musician Andrew Neumann

Redgo - Michael MacDonald REDGO
Sublingual Rare Editions/Unit Circle Rekkids split release
Redgo - Michael MacDonald

Principal Hope
Daniel Carter, Laurence Cook, Peter Kowald & Jonathan LaMaster

Redgo - Michael MacDonald STRUNG
Jon Rose in Amsterdam, with Cor Fuhler and members of The Ex and ICP, testing
the limits of the bowed, plucked, and excited string

Sample tracks from Why I Left the Surf for Concrete on MP3

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Andrew Neuman
Why I Left The Surf...[For Concrete]

The latest release by our favorite electronic musician Andrew Neumann (laptop, switches, and sensors) was recorded live at Roulette in New York City by Gisburg and mastered by Scott Smallwood. It is beautifully packaged in a green cardboard softpack, designed by Joanne Kaliontzis. Why I Left The Surf...[For Concrete] is one 45 minute solo set (conveniently indexed into 13 sections) of improvised electronics that covers the gamut, from frenetic real-time sampling of a drum machine to more pastoral sections employing piano, cello and triangle. Neumann has always approached the recording of his previous Sublingual releases as if they were "live sets", without overdubs, and in real-time. This release will give ardent fans and new converts alike a unique perspective on his genius and innovation in an actual concert setting, and a new glimpse of his latest custom software programming and unique hardware creations.

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CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample tracks from REDGO on MP3

Sample MP3 Every Day
Sample MP3 Jerry
Sample MP3 Piano Song

Sublingual Rare Editions/Unit Circle Rekkids split release

Jupiter 88 - REDGO Michael MacDonald, who sadly passed away at a young age in April of 2000, was the mastermind of Boston based Jupiter 88. Michael (with vocalist Darla Villani) recorded several releases for Unit Circle (home of Amy Denio, Intonorimori, and Bill Horist) drawing inspiration from trip-hop/illbient beats; composers such as Glass, Reich and Cage; magnetic tape pioneers of the 50's and 60's (Berio and Mimaroglu), jazz; and others from DJ Shadow to the Rachels. Red Go is Michael's final masterpiece. It contains vocal work from Villani and amazing newcomer Rosa Pullman (niece of actor Bill Pullman), guests Saturnalia String Trio, and many others.

Attn: the Redgo CD is in CDR format

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample tracks from Principle Hope on MP3

Sample MP3 Awakening
Sample MP3 Spirit of Hope
Sample MP3 M.S. Darling

Principal Hope

Daniel Carter - reeds. trumpet and flute Laurence Cook - drums and electronic percussion Peter Kowald - double bass Jonathan LaMaster - acoustic violin, electric 6 string violin

Fiery energy comprovisations join passages of introspective beauty on this CD when New York’s man of the hour Daniel Carter (Test, Other Dimensions in Music) percussionist Laurence Cook (Thurston Moore, Sabir Mateen, and many ESP releases in the 60's), European free bassist Peter Kowald, and violinist Jonathan LaMaster meet up for a studio recording session and a concert at the Tremont Theatre in Boston’s thriving Theatre District. The disc features computer “enhanced” files, including a concert video of the group joined by Keith Fullerton Whitman (real-time audio processing), created by Pixonik Labs.The video runs on Mac or PC and is viewable with Quicktime 5.0 or higher.

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample a few cuts from S-T-R-U-N-G on MP3...

Sample MP3 String
Sample MP3 Stroppy
Sample MP3 Straps


A production of string adventurer Jon Rose, with a collective of mostly
immigrant musicians who, for better or worse, find themselves living in
Amsterdam (including Mary Oliver of ICP and Andy Moor of The Ex, plus Cor Fuhler, Steve Heather, Anna McMichel, Alex Waterman, Richard Barrett, Allison Isadora, Mr. Aha May, Hildegard von Knikkersdorf, Wild 'Bill' Pickering, and Dr. Johannes Rosenberg). They are either performers on a variety of string instruments or have an interest in the inexhaustible sonic possibilities of the bowed, plucked, scraped, hit, or otherwise "excited" string. The group functions in concert as an improvising pool, taking advantage of the many instrumental combinations, colours and counterpoint, in 'walk on/ walk off' subdivisions or within fast moving conducted structures.

Apart from the traditional instruments used, members of STRUNG also play a number of unique 'homemades' and innovative interactive software controllers on stage. STRUNG is a project from Jon Rose and Steve Heather.

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CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

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