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Redgo - Michael MacDonald

Saucerlike Recordings (Sublingual Distribution) by Jon Rose : The HYPERSTRING Project 2.

Redgo - Michael MacDonald New Release
Do the Don't
Elliott Sharp and Terraplane
Redgo - Michael MacDonald

State Of The Union 2.001
Produced by composer Elliott Sharp

Redgo - Michael MacDonald Music For Yellowman
Elliott Sharp and Terraplane
Redgo - Michael MacDonald

Elliot Sharp& the Orchestra Carbon

Redgo - Michael MacDonald Aleatory Grammar
Jakob Draminsky Højmark and Mark Cunningham
Redgo - Michael MacDonald

Rough Cuts
Mark Cunningham and Silvia Mestres

Do the Don't
Elliott Sharp's Terraplane

Besides the regular Terraplane lineup of E# (various electric and
acoustic guitars, steel guitar and tenor sax) with drummer Sim Cain,
saxophonist Sam Furnace, bassist David Hofstra, and vocalists Eric
Mingus & Dean Bowman,
"Do The Don't" features legendary blues guitarist and innovator
Hubert Sumlin on 3 tracks. Sumlin played guitar for 30 years with
Howlin' Wolf and created many of the riffs and licks that have become
part of the basic fabric of modern electric guitar vocabulary. Still
amazingly active at 70, he was an enormous influence on Jimi Hendrix,
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Captain Beefheart, Robbie Robertson, Keith
Richards, Henry Kaiser, and many many others.

"Do The Don't" includes completely instrumental pieces that stretch
the boundaries of modern blues as well as a variety of vocal tracks,
simultaneously accessible and extreme. These include the
gospel-tinged "Lost Souls" featuring the inspired combination of Eric
Mingus' hot and fiery voice with Dean Bowman's cool and dark. Mingus
is featured on the extremely topical "Oil Blues" and Bowman is
featured on the super funky "Stop That Thing" (a track that also
features Hubert Sumlin.) "Please Don't" brings back the vocal duo
for a stop-time driving boogie in a heated exchange.

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CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

State Of The Union 2.001
Produced by composer Elliott Sharp,

STATE OF THE UNION 2.001 is a massive 3CD set of all new one-minute pieces by the leading lights of the international avant-garde, both famous and unknown, and is the latest installment in this ongoing work. Ranging from pure electronics to the unadorned human voice with everything in-between, these pieces are fast, furious, sardonic, ecstatic, dark, serious, fleeting, and wry.

SOTU first appeared in 1982 on E#'s zOaR label with editions also
appearing on the American indie labels MuWorks in 1991 and Atavistic
in 1994.

Some of the highlights on SOTU 2.001 include pieces from Atau Tanaka,
Christian Marclay, Dael Orlandersmith, Eric Mingus, Eszter Balint,
Foetus, Fred Frith, Freight Elevator Quartet, Harriet Tubman, Harry
Smith, Henry Kaiser, Ikue Mori, Jack Womack, Jad Fair, Jeffrey Ford,
Jenn Reeves, Joey Baron, John Duncan, Jonathan Bepler, Loren
Mazzacane Connors, Marc Ribot, Marianne Nowottny, Matthew Shipp,
Merzbow, Phill Niblock, Stephen Vitiello, Tracie Morris, Voice Crack,
We, Zeena Parkins, Z'ev, Zbigniew Karkowski, and Zoot Horn Rollo.

STATE OF THE UNION 2.001 is best enjoyed when played on Random Shuffle!

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CD $26 postage paid Canada
CD $31 postage paid Overseas

Music For Yellowman - Elliott Sharp and Terraplane
For Yellowman, a new play by Dael Orlandersmith, Elliott Sharp
composed an evocative score that resonates with the Southern locale
in the 1960's and '70's, drawing both on country and urban blues.
The music is performed by E# on solo acoustic guitar and on electric
guitar with his band Terraplane (Sim Cain on drums and Dave Hofstra
on acoustic and electric bass.) Ranging from introspective acoustic
abstractions drawing on the traditions of Robert Pete Williams, Skip
James, and Bukka White to raging electric blues inspired by Elmore
James, Muddy Waters, and Albert King, Music For Yellowman is both
rootsy traditional and completely contemporary.

The play Yellowman tells the tale of Eugene and Alma, two innocent
soulmates growing up together in the South. A two-character memory
play, it is told through the eyes of a dark-skinned African American
woman and a light or "yellow" skinned man. Eager to escape the
confines of their small town Southern upbringing, Eugene and Alma go
from being instant soulmates, playing Batman and singing Monkees
songs, to sharing the trials and tribulations of adolescence and
young adulthood. They both dream of reinventing themselves and
discover how they have been marked by the demons of their parents'
and their own pasts. They learn, too late, that nothing is as
insurmountable as the color of one's skin. Yellowman features
Orlandersmith as Alma and Howard Overshown as Eugene.

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

RADIOLARIA is the latest algorithmic composition for E#'s Orchestra
Carbon modeled on biological paradigms of growth and reproduction.
The sound ranges from sweet and transparent to a dense and throbbing
roar. The score combines musical notation with written instructions
that guide the performers' interactions in order to generate both
musical structures and acoustic phenomena such as "difference tones."
These effects are enhanced by the subtle live computer processing of
the ensemble's aggregate sound. Through this process, overtones and
subharmonics are extracted and then fed back into the mix. For this
version of RADIOLARIA, the orchestra includes Andy Laster and Ned
Rothenberg- alto sax, Tim Smith and Evan Spritzer - bass clarinet,
Brian McWhorter - trumpet, Eric Shanfield - flugelhorn, Steve Swell -
trombone, Julie Kalu - bass trombone, Zeena Parkins and David
Weinstein - sampler, Jim Pugliese-percussion, and E# - soprano sax,
Powerbook. RADIOLARIA received its premiere at the 42 St. Whitney
Museum in NYC in December 1999. This CD was recorded live at Tonic,
NYC, March 2001.

From The N.Y. Times - March 2000 -Jon Pareles: East and West Meet
Between the Notes

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Saucerlike Recordings (Sublingual Distribution)

Jon Rose - FLEISCH: The HYPERSTRING Project 2.

If you are into interative violin bows and strings, state of the art technology and high speed complexity, perversity and more...You most definitely need a copy of the new hyperstring cd FLEISCH. It's out now on Saucerlike Records, Melbourne, Australia and distributed by SUBLINGUAL. This CD, by the mastermind behind Sublingual's STRUNG release, features lots of naked fleisch on the cover and expensive perfume between the covers. Ooo, la, la...All tracks recorded in real time, more or less, with MIDI Controllers (bow pressure, accelorometers, the three dimensional pedal, and foot pedal board) triggering interactive string samples. THE ART OF ROGUE COUNTERPOINT!

For more great info on the HYPERSTRING projects, and tons of info on Jon and his amazing violins, go to

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Aleatory Grammer
Jakob Draminsky Højmark: Laptop MAX/MSP
Mark Cunningham: Processed cornet

The duo's electronic minimal approach creates an ambient but highly-charged sound universe built upon each of the two musicians' long-time experience in the more adventurous realms of the musical spectra as well as their shared history linked to collaborations in and around Barcelona since the early nineties.
Draminsky takes advantage of the possibilities of the Ploggo software synth/efx inside the MAX/MSP environment running on a Laptop.

A simple patch set-up including a 6 voice polyphonic sampler and the choice of a couple of analogue type synths. routed through or bypassing a processor "object" with various filter, grain, pitch shift, spatial or reverb possibilities.

The sample-material in use consists of personal recordings of self played acoustic instruments mainly from the woodwind-, percussion- & string family.

No specific pre-sets are programmed, all choices are made on the fly.
Cunningham plays and processes live cornet through the korg kaoss II pad.

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Rough Cuts
Mark Cunningham and Silvia Mestres

1. a rolled up or coiled condition. 2. a rolling or coiling together.
3. a turn of anything coiled; whorl; sinuosity. 4. anat. one of the sinuous folds or ridges of the surface of the brain. 5. an operation performed on two signals which involves multiplying one signal by a delayed version of another signal, integrating or averaging the product, and repeating the process for different delays.

Convolution is Mark Cunningham and Silvia Mestres. Convolution is all of the above expressed in sound and images. Convolution has been in motion since 2001. Mark has been going since 1975 with Mars (No New York), Don King, Raeo, and countless collaborations. Silvia has been working with Mark since 1990 both musically and visually: providing the live and CD scenography and images his solo shows and now of Convolution. The sounds come from trumpet, guitar, voice, samples and chaos.

Press Comments
…like Herb Alpert waking up in a spaceship… When he improvises, alternating between long, sonorous proclamations and agitated tonguing and smears, Cunningham sounds close to Don Cherry… Mestres´ interpretation of a song called "La Frontera del cuerpo" underlines Convolution's quiet power. Wire 225

Convolution's noirer-than-noir trumpet, voice and effects thing is loaded with subtle menace. Cunningham and partner Silvia Mestres are on to something darkly magical. Time Out New York

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

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