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Redgo - Michael MacDonald M3 -Unearthing
Roger Miller (from Mission of Burma, Binary System) "One of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year."New Alliance
Acoustiphobia Vol 1
Double-cd with Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori & Elliott Sharp, + students of the SMFA's Sonic Arts program
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Boston Underbelly
Compilation from the City of Revolutions. Comp features heaping helpings from 100% USDA Prime Boston Baked fringesters
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Hurricane Floyd
Thurston Moore, Wally Shoup & Toshi Makihara. Thurston Moore unleashes a barrage of stratospheric rumbling and cataclysmic roars.
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Song of the Earth
Steffen Basho Junghans - 1st American release by German steel string innovator.
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Saturnalia String Trio with Daniel Carter
Debut vinyl 7" by a String Trio version of Saturnalia. 14 minutes, 33 1/3 rpm
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Tokyo in F
Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) live in Tokyo. " twenty of the year..sounds like nothing else I've heard" LaFolia Music Review
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Meditations on Unity
Saturnalia String Trio - Passion and aural integration are in abundance on Meditations on Unity, which is a riveting, often moving, listen.
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Scramble:Lock:Combination
Our second phenomenal release from Andrew Neumann. Get ready for fractured beats and chronic tronics.
Redgo - Michael MacDonald No Fly Zone
by Andrew Neumann
Live electronic music.
Redgo - Michael MacDonald Saturnalia
Jonathan LaMaster with a host of Boston's and New York's finest free music and rock improvisors
Redgo - Michael MacDonald A Tribute to Michael MacDonald
A Collection of Songs by Friends and Surviving Members of Jupiter 88.
Convolution - 1 to 5

Convolution 1 to 5
Exiled No Wave trumpeter Mark Cunningham (Mars, Don King) with Barcelona artist Silvia Mestres

Sample a few cuts from M3 Unearthing on MP3

Crooked Mile
Triangular 2
M3 - Unearthing

Roger Miller (bass w/electronics & samples, drums)
Benjamin Miller (prepared guitar, violin, drums)
Laurence Miller (drums, keyboards, guitar)
The Brothers Miller record together once every ten years. Guitar Player, June '94: "Juggling stylistic touchstones like King Crimson, Beefheart, Can, and Zappa, M-3 chip away at dense, guttural improvs and clusters of percussive, metallic sound... One of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year." New Alliance Chart, Feb.'94:
"Sounds as if Devo, Gang of Four and Danny Elfman decided to get together and destroy all terms of rational thought as we know it."
CMJ Jan. '94

Read more on M3 Unearthing...

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample a few cuts from Acoustiphobia on MP3

Boston Two
Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori and Elliott Sharp

Boston Four
Sophie Mikes
Freedom Fighter Radio
Luke Walker
Acoustipobia Vol 1
A double-cd with Marclay/Mori/Sharp, + students of the SMFA's Sonic Arts program

Acoustiphobia Volume One is a double cd set available for the low price of $15 (plus $2 shipping and handling). Disc one features turntablist Christian Marclay with Ikue Mori (drum machines and electronics) and Elliott Sharp (8 string guitarbass, soprano sax, powerbook, and electronics), recorded live at Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) on 1/31/2000 during the annual concert and exhibition of the schools new Sonic Arts program. Disc two features students from the SMFA's Y2K Sonic Arts class, with sounds "...ranging from the scavengings of surveillance microphones to the sound of a heavy chair dragged across the floor with a popcorn maker snapping out harmony." (Boston Phoenix, 1/18/01)

CD $17 postage paid US
CD $19 postage paid Canada
CD $22 postage paid Overseas

Cover Design by Janene Higgins
Sample tracks from Bosten Underbelly on MP3

Diode by Andrew Newman
Agropolitan By Saturnalia
Dervish by Neptune
Emersons Lake by Mile Wide
Moulty's Hand by Sigmoid Flexure
Boston Underbelly
A Compilatoin of Music From The City of Revolution

Not all comps feature mere 30 second samplings from 12,337 different bands, Sublingual's comp contains ten minute heaping helpings from 100% USDA Prime Boston Baked fringesters such as: Thurston Moore, The Binary System (featuring Roger Miller and Larry Dersch), Jonathan Lamaster's Saturnalia (featuring guest appearances by Elliott Sharp, Roger Miller, and Robin Amos from Cul de Sac), Mile Wide(who create a folk-noise-rock din with guitar, cello, banjo, mandolin, and sarangi, described by Carbon 14 as "something approaching the Residents playing the music of Penguin Cafe Orchestra"), Neptune ("scrapadelic" rockers, says Tristram Lozaw of the Boston Herald, who weld their own unique sculptural instruments out of junk metal), Andrew Newmann (an electronic musician who integrates digital and analog technologies into hybrid forms), Sigmoid Flexure (loud free improv featuring members of Tzadik recording artists "Prelapse", and Blinder) and Bill T. Miller's 'Kings Of Feedback' And 'Orgy Of Noise' (featuring guest appearances by Japan's "Melt Banana"). Come back for second helpings! Read more @ Radio Free ZuCasa

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample tracks from Thurston Moore's Hurricane Floyd on MP3

Alter Boy
Retribution of Sorts
Hurricane Floyd
Thurston Moore - Wally Shoup - Toshi Makihara

As Hurricane Floyd lashed Massachusetts in September 1999, the interior of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church in Harvard Square was receiving a hefty battering at the hands of this ferocious trio. Drummer Toshi Makihara furnishes a groundswell of percussive billows and flailed cymbals. Saxophonist Wally Shoup's penetrating alto sears through the murk like streams of liquid fire.

Thurston Moore unleashes a barrage of stratospheric rumbling and cataclysmic roars. Yet his is a controlled fury involving the constant curbing and channeling of his electric gunboats torrential emissions in order to connect to the music's other elements. "At the Old Cambridge Baptist Church on Thursday (Sept. 16), Sonic Youth's sound scientist played in a trio featuring saxophonist Wally Shoup and drummer Toshi Makihara that delivered uncompromised free improvisation more powerful than the tropical storm drenching the streets outside..."
Ed Hazell, Boston Phoenix, 25-30 September 1999
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Listen to Songs of the Earth on MP3.

The Grand Entry
Red in the Rainbow
Song of the Earth
Song of The Earth
by Steffen Basho-Junghans

In 1979 Steffen Basho-Junghans started solo-performances on 6 &12 string guitars and became one of the innovators and protagonists of the guitar scene in East Germany. He founded the first "All - Style Guitar Festival" of the GDR in Potsdam His visionary music on steelstring guitar is related with that of the late ROBBIE BASHO , (a music he calls "Folk-Western Raga"), with influences from the old TAKOMA recordings (JOHN FAHEY, LEO KOTTKE, PETER LANG) as well as playing techniques of the Vina and Sarod. Through-out his work, Steffen Basho-Junghans displays a wonderful balance between beautiful melodic and harmonic technique on the 6 and 12 string guitar, as well as unusual sound experiments and playing techniques captured in real-time without any overdubs. SBJ is currently working as a painter, guitarist, composer and author, and lives in Berlin and Thuringia in Germany. "Song of the Earth" on Sublingual is his first U.S. release. More info on SBJ can be found at:
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

All designs by Joanne Kaliontzis
Sample a few cuts from SATURNALIA STRING TRIO with DANIEL CARTER on MP3

Sample MP3 Evanescences I
Sample MP3 Brooklyn Nocturne
Sample MP3 Impromptu Populism
Saturnalia String Trio with Daniel Carter

Saturnalia String Trio: Jonathan LaMaster - violin, Vic Rawlings - cello, serangi, Mike Bullock - bass, with Daniel Carter - reeds, flute, trumpet, and Andrew Barker - drums on "Brooklyn Nocturne" RECORDED BY: Mat Maneri (Impromptu Populism), Andrew Barker (Brooklyn Nocturne and Evanescences II and IV), and Jonathan LaMaster (Evanescences I and III)

Once in a while, a band comes along that challenges all of our musical expectations. The Saturnalia String Trio, with guest Daniel Carter, is just such an enigmatic band…Embracing jazz, 20th century classical music, microtonality, and free improvisation, this group takes modern "classical" music to a new level…Together with Saturnalia, Carter weaves a fascinating tapestry of sound, focusing on the melodic aspects of collective improvisation."
Marc Minsker, Columbia Free Times, Feb 10-16, 1
7" Vinyl $7 postage paid US
7" Vinyl $9 postage paid Canada
7" Vinyl $12 postage paid Overseas

Sample TOKYO in F on MP3

Sample MP3 First Set 37:14
improvised music by: Ken FIELD (alto sax, flute, percussion) KATSUI Yuji (violin) KIDO Natsuki (guitar) SHIMIZU Kazuto (piano)

Recorded live to stereo digital audio tape by MASUDA Hiroshi at In F, Tokyo, Japan on August 27th, 1998
First Set (37:14) [Field/Katsui/Kido/Shimizu]
Second Set (36:42) [Field/Katsui/Kido/Shimizu]
All compositions Conical Music/BMI 
The Noise (Brian Westbye)
"On my top twenty of the year list...sounds like nothing else I've heard"
LaFolia Music Review (Steve Koenig)
"Terrific...very, very rewarding. this area's real musical treasure."
The TAB (Ken Capobianco)
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample Meditations on Unity on MP3

Sample MP3 What kind of Jazz
Sample MP3 Aspirations
Sample MP3 Spontaneous Contagion
Meditations On Unity
Saturnalia String Trio + Daniel Carter:

Passion and aural integration are in abundance on Meditations on Unity, which is a riveting, often moving, listen. Daniel Carter's saxophone, flute, clarinet and, on five of Meditations' 12 tracks, trumpet, weave in and out of the trio's bristling thicket of sound like shadows.
Reuben Jackson, Jazz Times, Dec. 2000
"Their improvisations are tough, angular and generally austere, with an assured sense of the collective sound, across its wide spectrum, taking precedence over individual expressiveness."
Julian Cowley, The Wire, Nov. 2000
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample a few tracks from Scramble Lock: Combination on MP3

by Andrew Neumann 12 improvised tracks for drum machine and real-time sampler, recorded live in the studio. Using a hybrid system of modified gear, and a powerbook running LISA and MAX software, the tracks take a series of unexpected twists and turns. Some dark and violent, some "transient" and some, "drum solos so impossible and convoluted that no mere human could create them!" A radical departure from "NO FLY ZONE", this is a completely unique recording.

"Neumann has produced an extremely effective (& well composed) exploration into electronic percussion improvisation! This is a TOTAL KEEPER! The strange sounds/effects that permeate his rhythmic twists & turns will make even the "best trained" stop & take notice! I just LOVED this CD, & will look for WAY MORE from Neumann. This gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "most forward looking improvisation"). Simply SUPERB!
Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Design by Joanne Kaliontzis
Sample No Fly Zone on MP3

coming soon...

NO FLY ZONE by Andrew Neumann
"NO FLY ZONE" has 13 tunes ranging from 20 seconds to 18 minutes everything was recorded live and genarally improvised, without the use of overdubs, using gear that covers the spectrum from an old $100 analog synth to a Serge Modular, a drum machine, sampler, and  most predominately, an Oberheim Xpander. In live performances, most of the sound is triggered via a pair of custom designed "MIDI GRIPS", which convert hand and finger movement into musical information.

"He conjured up curious ambient and percussive crosscuts, employing hand controls to a synthesizer and drum machine, with DJ-like poise...."
Boston Globe
"It was inspiring.....He used his jury-rigged hand controllers--a mix of slot car racing controls and five finger keyboard--, to manipulate and draw the sounds out of his software"........"cyclical and pulsating, without lapsing into any repetative groove"
Heath Kalel
"...has a sound you might call retro-futurist...when the synths were more primative and the future shock was more severe."
Boston Phoenix
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Jonathon LaMaster's Saturnalia
Improvised music engineered and co-produced by Bill T.  Miller at his Headroom studio (where he has recorded such monsters as Japanese indie-rockers "Melt Banana"), culled from two separate recording sessions (one from 98 and one from 96) by this unique international ensemble who have played extensively in rock and jazz clubs, festivals, art galleries and living rooms throughout North America. Winners of the 1999 Boston Phoenix New Music Poll award for "Best Local Jazz Act", Saturnalia's improvised music draws an eclectic mix of noise music, punk, electronic music and modern classical influences.
"Saturnalia is a free-form group whose colorful performance style turns every show into a party, the kind that would have been thrown by Andy Warhol." David Wildman, The Boston Globe
"Imagine a conclave of 60's 'new thing' folks. Coltrane and Shepp along with..New York types like John Zorn and Zeena Parkins and you'll have some idea of what's in store." Matt Ashare, The Boston Phoenex
"...a heady mix of rock electronica, violin, Theremin, cello, banjo, and performance art." Tristram Lozaw, The Boston Herald
CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas

Sample A Tribue to MacDonald (1962-2000) on MP3


A Tribute to Michael MacDonald (1962 - 2000)
"A Collection of Songs by Friends and Surviving Members of Jupiter 88."

Compiled for a "Year After" memorial celebration of the life of Boston musician Michael McDonald, whose band Jupiter 88 recorded 2 fascinating discs for the Unit Circle Rekkids label in Seattle, successfully blending the seemingly disparate elements of trip hop, dark acid-country tinged rock, and Arnold Schonburg-esque piano improvisations. Michael tragically took his own life April 11th, 2000, amidst personal and major health problems. We miss him a lot, and this tribute cd was created to help raise money to release his wonderful final CD "Red Go" (his most fully realized work). Tribute CD Features: Unreleased tracks by Michael MacDonald and Jupiter 88 +Auto 66, Chris Florio, David Horton, Indra Loka, The Lothars, Lauri des Marais, Saturnalia String Trio, Transom, Bryon Turcotte & Darla Villani.
CD $10 postage paid US
CD $11 postage paid Canada
CD $13 postage paid Overseas


A limited edition release of the first five songs of Convolution, the new musical project of exiled no waver Mark Cunningham and Barcelona artist Silvia Mestres, released on the eve of a 15 city US tour. Cunnigham is mainly known in the U.S for his New York bands Mars and Don King in the 70s and 80s. (Mars was featured on the legendary Brian Eno compiled "No New York", Antilles, 1978). He has been living in Barcelona since 1991 where he has released two CDs with the duo Raeo, a solo CD, and numerous collaborations and concerts uniting image and music with Mestres.

recorded at spooky sound, Barcelona

Attn: Convolution 1 to 5 CD is in CDR format

CD $12 postage paid US
CD $14 postage paid Canada
CD $17 postage paid Overseas
Sample tracks from Convolution 1 to 5
on MP3

Sample MP3 Psycholution
Sample MP3 Onware
Sample MP3 No West

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