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Thurston Moore
Hurricane Floyd

Thurston Moore [from Sonic Youth], Wally Shoup & Toshi Makihara unleash a barrage of stratospheric rumbling and cataclysmic roars.

Maestro: A Memory of Billy Ruane (1957-2010) from John Soares on Vimeo.

Princpal Hope

Principal Hope

New York’s man of the hour Daniel Carter, meets up with German bass legend Peter Kowald, Laurence Cook and Jonathan LaMaster.

Redgo - Michael MacDonald

Steffen Basho Junghans
Song of the Earth

1st American release by German steel string innovator.

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Including releases from: John Rose, Andrew Neuman, Principal Hope, and Michael MacDonald
AcoustiphobiaBoston UnderbellyTokyo in FThurston Moore - Hurricane Floyd

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Including music from: Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Roger Miller, Saturnalia, Andrew Newman, Steffen Basho Junghans, Ken Field, and much more.
AcoustiphobiaBoston UnderbellyTokyo in FThurston Moore - Hurricane Floyd

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We are pleased to announce the addition of two new CD's from Convolution titled Aleatory Grammar and Rough Cuts. Also including releases by Elliot Sharp's Terraplane & Sharp's Orchestra Carbon, sample John Rose's new hyperstrings project titled Fleisch. This and many more great CD's are aviable online via PayPal on Sublingual's new distribution program.

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